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Honda PX 50 not onought speed

Talk in english about Honda Camino PA50 Hobbit mopeds

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-= Newbie =-
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Honda PX 50 not onought speed

Post by HondaPX » Fri 01 May 2020, 16:28

Hi everybody!
Im Vinny from Spain.
I've an Honda PX 50 from 1984. Its basicaly same engine as a camino but with different transmission.
Stock runs about 40-45 kmh flat , downhilll and uphill haha
Now i just installed a few ungrades:
65cc (46mm) Metrakit cylinder
Carbon reeds. (0.35)
Hand made welded intake with an 29mm diamenter intake
Amal 18mm as a carb with hiflow filter (85 main jet)
Turbokit exhaust (specific for the caminos , PA's and PX's
Specific Polini Vario with a total wight masses of 48g (Stock is about 80gr)
Rear clutch spring from Malossi (YELLOW ONE)
New sparkplug BR7 (indicated for the MK cycilnder)

With all these mods runs about 53kmh flat and 65kmh in a long downhill. Its seems to me poor top speed... What do you thing?

I try with less and more weighted roller weights but any improvement on top speed so i think actuall weight is fine.
I've the malossi gears 13/35 at home for mounting.

Any suggestions? I read some Camino's with similar preps that runs over 70kmh.

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-= Moderator =-
-= Moderator =-
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Re: Honda PX 50 not onought speed

Post by camino_expert » Sat 02 May 2020, 02:15

hello vinny
firts welkom at the forum

a little bit expalnation
a px is a px and camino is a camino
one side from th motorcarters are about the same
but engine wise the camino you getting faster
the belt is longer
the frontvario is about the same
so here is allready the diffirent

so you can set a camino with alot of work also electric

but all the rest is diffirect
elec ignition
first ones 1980 6 v pxes no elec starter
later the 12 v elec starters
but now
two models for speed kl a 25 p h
kl b
40 p h
whats the diffirence
the exhaulstport of the ab 05 thats the kl b is a little bit bigger
and the varioplate at front is bowen
so taht the vario can do what it suposeed to do elt at front goes up , and at rear the vario gets open
now the diffirence with camino that they go easy 70 of 75 is they got a longer belt
px has a bigger vario at rear so you can let him pull enorm

in the old days was it posible to get a px to 65 p h
but mich exhaulst don't exist anymore

whats possible you can adapt the vario fast arrow for wallaroo to fit

as you look at theb wallaroo , you see a very modern px
bust wallaroo has a nog bigger belt than camino
he is fstaer if you know how

witch frontstrat on your vario do you have
i set one from wallaroo in next message
honda camino forever

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-= Moderator =-
-= Moderator =-
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Location: koersel

Re: Honda PX 50 not onought speed

Post by camino_expert » Sat 02 May 2020, 02:22

this is the fast arrow one ,
that gets the belt on his highest place at front and deepst at rear
as its possible

stronger spring behind is not realy neded

what kind px do you have
ab o5

the ab05 is the 40 p hours

as you drive with the ab06 variostart the vario dosent work as it has to do

but a real 55 is already not so bad on a px

there oce onetime a polini frontvario to buy
not mote to find
you can make the wallaroo star fit on the px cranckshaft
malossi gear behind ist for getting lower rpms
maybe it works nice at px
so wich model doe you have

thank you
for joining us
and best regards
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honda camino forever

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