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Honda Camino Sport

Talk in english about Honda Camino PA50 Hobbit mopeds

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Lord Haw Haw
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-= Newbie =-
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Honda Camino Sport

Post by Lord Haw Haw » Wed 03 Jun 2020, 00:06

Hi, this is first time here for me. I bought an old Camino Sport the other day and don't know much about them so I thought I'd find some advice here. Its kind of running, the pedal arms or pedals themselves seem a bit off centre so my feet keep slipping and its hard to get started. Pushing helps. Why is there no ignition on these machines? Anyone know where parts are available?

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-= Moderator =-
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Re: Honda Camino Sport

Post by camino_expert » Fri 05 Jun 2020, 02:19

welkom at the forum

you can start it much easyer as you as you use the pedals the decompresion button ,
puch it a second or 2 and pedal at the same time
loose the deco and nrmal it springs on

offcourse as it has long stood stil
you need to do maintanance
change airfilter
check fueltank of rost
clean carburator
its is an ignition whith contactpoints

parts are in belgium and in some other country's for sell

tell me what you need
than i set a link where you can get it

so i wish you good luck
any question you can ask
answer most of the time the day after
but it always be answerd
honda camino forever

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